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BitHunter 10-11-2010 01:52 PM

Question about access to a child/Notice of Motion
Our separation agreement states that "Access shall be as agreed upon by the parties, in accordance with Laura’s wishes, as well as in consultation with professionals involved in Laura’s care. Separate Minutes of Settlement may be executed with regard to access. "

My ex allows me to see my 7 year old daughter biweekly for 6 hours, which is pretty much not enough for anything. I asked her and her lawyer to give me more time but they denied extending the access and told me to go to court if I want more access.

Is it enough to fill out the Notice of Motion and the affidavit form, file it and serve it if I want a judge to give me more time? The form (FLR 14) asks for some kind of "notice of a case conference", but we have never been to court so I don't have that.

raven70 10-11-2010 02:23 PM

I was in a very simular situation to yours, and it did take three more trips over 18 months to obtain more access.My ex-partner had the same attitude so there was no choice. I did move from 4 hrs a week to 1 week blocks including overnights, form 14,14a, and 6B were forms I used. I don't 100 % understansd the paperwork, but those are the form numbers for certain. Each time I went back I did gain access gradually. regards

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