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backinthesaddle 05-02-2019 03:33 PM

Form 13.1 Financial Statement issues
I have looked over the form and gone online to look at examples but the form seems to leave no room for extenuating circumstances or room for explanations.

I am going back 3 years so some financial information is going to be hard to obtain such as credit cards that ex and I had but they have long been paid for and cancelled and they aren't something ex and I care about because the balances were low. Do I try to find them and add them or leave it alone?

We had a line of credit that ex used for personal purchases and trips in the 3 years we were separated. He has rolled it into the mortgage when it had to be refinanced last year (for one year only). The mortgage came due and we were without a separation agreement so had no choice but to renew. I shouldn't have let it happen but I did. How do I show that the mortgage was a xx amount on valuation date and explain that it is still xx amount NOW? Is there a way to state that 50k was debt incurred by ex spouse or argue this successfully?

Rental property capital gains? When calculations are done how do you show that although there may equity in the property, it is actually much less by approx $50k due to capital gains owing?

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