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SpiritWithAhatchet 06-08-2019 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by tunnelight (Post 236109)
Do you have any documentation to show the default school option is the school you want child to go to ?

you mentioned school mom wants child to go to is 40 minutes from you. how far is the school you want child to go to from mom? what were the distances of the old school ? either way, the court won't care about a parents convenience. focus is on best interest of child, but I want to know to see if it can help your case in any way.

does your school of choice have better resources in relation to your childs needs? does your child have any special needs?

Just trying to see how a possible affidavit might look like. I think your best argument is that thats where the child grew up and .most of her friends are in your catchment area.

did mom have any discussion with you prior to enrolling child into school in her catchment area ?

No document exists regarding school.
It is the same distance for my ex to drive as if I drove to her area, no much difference there.
The old school is right next to the school the child wants to go. 12 minutes from me and 30ish from her
There is no disability and there is no difference in what schools have to offer.
My ex had a fight with me instead of a discussion where she went to school and registered the child in her area. Then she picked up the classes too.The principal immediately locked me out so I cannot change it and said "she came first". After I complained to the school board they put a hold on her registration and locked her out as well. The third school in option is one next to my house which is the designated area but the principal won't release the child and is keeping him inactive for now.

If he goes to school next to my house then he can take the bus when with me but he wants the school that's next to his current one because of his friends. Even some teachers switched there.

This brings me to where my ex said from junior high the kid will go to her catchment area. I agreed. It wasn't in front of anyone Standing on the sidelines. . But things have changed. I spoke with that school principal and he said it is best for the child to go with his friends. I think so too. If ex can prove otherwise then so be it. But the main reason she wants him up there close to her is she doesn't wanna drive to this side anymore. But it is not my fault. The child was born and mostly raised here. I will agree only if the Judge makes an order in her favour. On Tuesday or Wednesday Im heading downtown to see how to start an affidavit on my own.

SpiritWithAhatchet 06-08-2019 10:35 PM

BTW I will offer in my affidavit to help her drive him and to p ay for gas.

tunnelight 06-08-2019 11:24 PM

don't be an idiot and offer to drive for her and pay her gas.

who initiated the discussion about school change? her or you? how did it to? what was said?

1. I am the applicant in this action and as such have knowledge of the matters hereinafter deposed.

2. The reposndent and I are the biological parents of one child, namely, born ...

3. The applicant and I were awarded with joint custody and equal periods of care with pursuant to the order of dated x. attached to this my affidavit is a copy of said order.

4. Our child has been attended at since x year and has been in this same school catchment since y year. this catchment area is within driving distance of both our homes.

5. Our daughter is starting high school in September and has advised me she wishes to attend in the same school her friends are attending do.

6. I have attempted to discuss the choice of school with the respondent but the respondent has attempted to unilaterally enroll our child into a school within her catchment area. She has not provided any reason for this other than it being in her school catchment where the childs older cousins will be attending to. Attached to this my affidavit is said correspondence.

7 While I appreciate the applicants wanting our child to attend at the same school as her cousins, the reality is they are a different age group and have their own peers, and will be graduating sooner.

7. Our daughter does not have any disability or special needs and both schools can accommodate her.

8. Our child is in limbo mode given the disagreement. have attempted to, by the advise of the school principal, setup a 3 way meeting to come to an agreement but the respondent has refused to attend such meeting remaining fixated on the child attending school in her catchment area.

9.I am compelled to bring forward a motion so that a decision can be made given our disagreement and the urgency of this matter.

10. I swear this affidavit in support of the relief requested in my Notice of Motion and for no other or improper purpose.

SpiritWithAhatchet 06-09-2019 01:21 AM

It was simple. We were face timing each other (the child and I) and I was on good terms with my ex so she said "I went to "his" future school and the child said "mom" I don't wanna go to this school. She shouted him and left the room and started cursing me. And no need to write down what she has said. The next day registered him. HOWEVER, A month later she contacted me again like nothing happened NOT KNOWING that the child is not registered in her school anymore.

I cannot write point 8 because she apologized to principal and set another date for mediation but told me she only does it because she was advised so. There will be no agreement.

I wouldn't be surprised if she responds with custody change but so will I. She has only 2 cards to play as she wrote in her previous affidavit. 1, cousin and 2, she claims that I missed the child missed 40 days of school from my place where the fact is he missed mostly from her home.

arabian 06-09-2019 06:18 AM

Why did child miss 40 days of school? What does child's academic record reflect?

Best interests of child is what court will look at. Convenience of parents doesn't matter whatsoever. Parents bickering is just that.

tunnelight 06-09-2019 01:12 PM

I would try to do the school meeting and maybe even actual meditation. but if she's already said it's not going to change her mind and she's just doing it to waste your time then put that in your affidavit and go to court. but chances are you don't have this in writing

Have you looked into at arbitiration?

if she turns around claiming material change for a complete custody change over in court, then well, maybe that's why she's started stirring the pot...

stop facetiming her. communicate in writing. do you and your ex enjoy seeing each others faces on your ipads?

SpiritWithAhatchet 06-09-2019 07:25 PM

lol tunnelight I never watched with my ex on face-time but I did with the a few times. I did it that night when the fight occurred between x and I.

I will mention arbitration tomorrow.

Full custody has been her dream. She even asked me to drop my share of cctb so she can receive a full amount.

tunnelight 06-09-2019 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by SpiritWithAhatchet (Post 236123)
lol tunnelight I never watched with my ex on face-time but I did with the a few times. I did it that night when the fight occurred between x and I.

I will mention arbitration tomorrow.

Full custody has been her dream. She even asked me to drop my share of cctb so she can receive a full amount.

lol. check your private message

SpiritWithAhatchet 06-10-2019 10:44 PM

The principal couldn't see us. Said to my child he never knew of the meeting appointment. I went there to make another one but he was too busy on the phone. I left him a message to call me and he never did. Maybe tomorrow. Well Im heading to the court as soon as I can to file a motion. Ex could care less about meditation with the principal because she believes the child is registered to her school and will go there.

tunnelight 06-14-2019 11:35 AM

what principal you guys meeting with? your school of choice, moms school of choice, or current school?

what do you mean couldn't see you guys? you and your ex went and he said no? did you send an email to ask you're still not understanding why the meeting couldn't take place and would like to know if it can be rescheduled ?

you really need to be on your A game here making sure everything is in writing. otherwise your ex could just start making up BS to win the motion

lastly, have you contacted the new principal of the school you want the child to go to and explain the situation to see what they would suggest? maybe you can grab a registration form you can email to your ex to sign? if she refuses, then you go to court. But , we need to figure out what principal you are meeting with first and what the outcome will be.

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