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canthisberight 09-06-2020 10:22 AM

Anyone get a court date yet?
Still in limbo..
Court was in December..interim agreement that was supposed to last til end of January..but then due to lawyer being away got delayed til March then well...covid19..
So literally his ex lives in the completely paid off house...paying nothing..while he pays huge child support for a 22 year 67% of her school fees....and now due to his job and stress of covid19...not working....this is going to be interesting...
And yes just a vent again...
I think he should be bugging his lawyer, as to me having no money to pay next months support is an emergency

tilt 09-07-2020 04:12 AM

Non-urgent court dates were scheduled back in July in my courthouse. A limited number, but according to the daily trial list, less then 50% of available slots are being used. I know the court is really focusing lawyers and self-reps on written submissions to get through as many as possible. The wait for an actual in-person one hour appearance is about 4-6 weeks right now, which is comparable to what it was previously.

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