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momwithteendaughter 01-27-2016 08:49 PM

Special Extraoridnary Expenses - Post secondary School
I recently refilled my case with the Familly Responsibility Office. FRO cannot enforce payment for extraordinary expenses unless an order stipulates exactly how much the payout is responsible for (i.e. 60% of tuition etc). I have a first appearance coming up next week for a not ion I put forward for support. (Financial disclosure, retroactive child support pay and extraordinary expenses). Our current order states that we are each responsible for Extraoridnary expenses proportionate to our income. I want to amend this to stipulate in detail what we woukd each be responsible for (using our income as benchmark (proportionate to our income) specifically regarding Post Secondary a Education which is in the horizon (a year and a half away). My questions are:
1) can it be raised together with the recent motion I recently filed? Or do I need to put forward another motion or update:amend current one
2) with University being less than 2 years away, would you recommend I raise/prepare for this now or would you recommend I raise closer to when our daughter will be registering for post secondary education.
I just want to be prepared

Thank you!

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