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Arnottrules 09-10-2010 06:35 PM

Common Law in Alberta
I just received a statement of claim from my ex-girlfriend a quick background is:
- we met in 1987 dating off and on (break ups all the time)
- she moved into my house in Oct 2000 (her Dad had a stroke and couldn't visit her at her basement suite and that was the main reason for moving in
- first few years were ok we basically lived separate lives as I lived downstairs probably 80% of the time.
- she left in the middle of 04 and lived at her brothers (she was seeing someone)
- she came back 3 - 6 months later (as far as I can remember)
- I ended it in Aug 06 and left for good Dec 07
- I have always paid for everything utilities, mortgage, taxes (house in my name only I have owned it since 93
- I have continued to pay all of the bills after I left even her phone, cable, utilities (she doesn't pay anything)
- we have no kids and she has always worked full time I started a business in 03 that is doing fairly well and I have several investments that have also done quite well (everything is in my name) we never even had a joint account never claimed taxes as common law or have been on each others benefits she even has tenant insurance?

My question is where do I stand legally? She is claiming quantum meruit which is crazy as I did my own laundry, cooking, house repairs etc the only thing she might have done for me is clean the dishes as she didn't like them when I did them?

From everything I read is she has to prove that she was part of the investments or the business that she helped me by doing them which is totally false.

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