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yahoo 11-24-2013 07:39 AM

I read the thread "access" by moonlight and was appauled at the response. I am new so I don't know much. But she ask a question and others attack her. I understand working dad is her ex , but that does not mean she cannot ask for help and advise on this forum. Maybe she is lying maybe not. Maybe working dad is not telling the whole story truthfully. Sorry working dad I'm not attack you so please don't be affended.

What I am trying to tell is that if someone is reaching out for advise this forum and it's members job is to help and give best advise, not attack.

This is public forum and anyone can join but should one be discriminated because the ex was on here before her ? Or ex told a story that all believe and she is lying?

I'm sure everyone here has their own version of their life and story. No matter how flat pancake is it still has two sides.

I felt sad when I read how moonlight was attacked. It was immature responses to her from members other than her ex. I was appauled!

If this is how this forum runs then it's a horrible place to come to for advise. What if I told u I was Native American would u judge? Or I was disabled mentally? Or I was a funatic religious person?

I get feeling that people get judged here. Not everyone here is telling the try story and full truth. Is this a place where two exes can't come together for advise?
I am appauled that if my ex also comes here and cries about his disability then I will be attacked. No one knows truth between us.

I think I should make a thread talking trash about my ex and how horrible my life was and also over exaggerate things and hide a few things so that if ex comes here and posts members can attack him and ban him.

I know that by saying this I will now be attacked but people who will understand my point will keep helping ones in need without judging them and being biased.

standing on the sidelines 11-24-2013 07:57 AM

she was banned due to sending spam in pms to certain members.

You really do not know what has happened in the past with moonlight aka storm aka confusedmommy real name luba. She has come on here and basically made up stories and when questioned her stories changed and got to the point that she didn't even remember what she posted. She keeps coming back under new names and eventually is found out. She has proven she is a liar and it has nothing to do with her situation with workingdad.

Maybe do some reading before you base your opinions on a few posts. If you read Working Dads posts he is very child centered. When his ex came on here it was to just cause trouble, not to look for real advice. If she wanted real advice she would not make up false issues, imaginary kids etc.

Also it is not a members job to give advice, no one is paid for this. People are giving their opinions, up to the poster to take the advice to heart or not. People who come on here and are caught lying will most likely be called on that.

Berner_Faith 11-24-2013 07:58 AM

I don't think anyone will attack you, but because you are new you do not know the whole story. In Working Dads case, his Canlii case has been posted, therefore posters are not going off just what he has said, they are going off court documents that are available to the public. This forum will offer advice to anyone that needs it, but they are certainly not going to help someone who makes up 3-4 different users, lies constantly and we know from court documents how unstable that person is.

No one has EVER judged on race, religion or being disabled. We have a wide variety of people on this forum, but I am sorry if you think offering advice to someone who is unstable and it has been proven is what this forum is about you are wrong. No one in their right mind would help that women get her child back. You need to research before you blame.

arabian 11-24-2013 08:34 AM

Yahoo - I too thought at one time that everyone was being mean and unfair to "moonlight" aka "storm" aka "luba" - whatever her name is.

I think the reason everyone was recently so hard on her was to hopefully keep her from posting on here. Her previous threads clearly show how disturbed she is.

There was a woman who posted quite a while back who's husband was disabled and who beat her with his crutches. It was hard for me to contemplate this as I had a fairly comfortable view that people in wheelchairs were incapable of doing such a thing. I communicated with the poster via PM and then email. I was shown the bruises that the 'crippled' guy had caused with his crutches. The photographs had been taken at the police station and the fellow had been charged with assault. Meanwhile, back on the forum, the woman had been berated for being a liar.

I get shit all the time about SS and many people generalize that those (women) who receive SS are lazy and living in the lap of luxury.

This is the nature of a public forum. Not everyone on here is well-read and most, if not all, have personal biases which affect the substance of their posts.

If everyone agreed on everything this forum would indeed be a pretty boring place to visit.

yahoo 11-24-2013 08:34 AM

Oh ok. Thank u for clearing it for me. I did not know about case but being new here I was surprised at everything. If it is on canlii then there is no way that it would be a lie. Thankyou for letting me know because I was about to leave this forum.

I really hope that peoole don't judge me as my ex is disabled and generally public is sympathetic towards then. My ex plays the victim and use his disability to his advantage and I felt even court favor him. But the truth always come out and that is why I wait that trial will prove to court his manipulative and controlling persnality. We go to trial soon if we don't agree equalization.

Court date in December 11 and I wanted help but as soon as I call my ex "cripple" I feel that bad feeling from people about being judged. No offence to other disabled people but that comment is personal to my experience. My ex is disable but not as much as he portray that he is paraplegic. If he was then I will not have give share children custody. But my experience with him is bad and my opinions are base on what I lived with him. He taught me this feeling.

I can't wait for trial as all his lies will expose. I hope he agree to my offer and we don't go in trial and he can save his face. At end, I feel I still have good case for trial.

yahoo 11-24-2013 08:43 AM

Arabian, I also get very small amount for SS and it was court ordered. My ex cried I'm taking from his disability money. He gets over 6000. Month from many sources and some is count as income and I get ss based in that but he always wailing and crying. I don't sympathize with selfish people. My ex very selfish and there is a reason why SS was ordered and people should not judge us. They don't know what our role was and how much we sacrifice for ex. Sometimes I feel that the loss and damage that my ex did to me cannot be compensated and I was better if I was disabled like him and had fair compensation.

He has leave my life ruined forever by using me and then leaving me on street. If I gave up my life and health to look after him he has the obligation to look after me. Court don't just order ss for everyone . I will take everything from my ex that I am entitle to. I fight hard and I will win!

My ex also hit me with hands, crutches and ram his wheelchair on me and my toes. He very abusive but sad I don't report him. Think of it in deeply disable people tend to be angry, depressed and upset on life and are taking medicines and in pain. They change and become abusive, generally speaking. Sad that their disability make them monsters and we never report them. I pity my ex for the man he had become.

yahoo 11-24-2013 08:53 AM

I also apologize if my remarks offensive . My English not my mother tongue and my experience with disable very painful and hurtful.

arabian 11-24-2013 08:59 AM

It is said that the best revenge is to be successful. For many of us collecting SS we want that success but, due to our divorce circumstances, we need financial wherewithal to achieve that success.

I never could understand why there is such a big deal about SS. The sooner one's ex is back up on their feet then the sooner the payor can be released from paying.

If I were a payor I would do everything I could do to get my ex in a financially self-sufficient position. To not do this, when one is clearly able to, indicates a desire on the payor's part to be controlling and stay attached to the payee.

I believe that the process of determining and awarding SS is incomplete. Perhaps a total $ number of all SS entitlement should be determined at the outset and the payor given a set number of years to pay this amount. An incentive to pay this amount off early might encourage more 'lump sum' SS settlements. Just a thought.

standing on the sidelines 11-24-2013 09:04 AM

hmm in the other thread you say you only get the CS and the child tax credits? Now its also SS? I take it that was just an error?

yahoo 11-24-2013 09:05 AM

I agree hundred percent

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