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FirstTimer 08-31-2017 12:59 PM

Parenting going on vacation but has not given me return flight info
So my my ex told me last week she is taking 6 year old to ontario to visit family. She sent me way of email last week the flights to go there. However, she hasn't responded when I asked about return flights and has not provided any.

She is to leave this Sunday. Should I be handing over my son even though I have do not know when he is coming back. Our court order states we only have 7 days for vacation. She said she will take him for 13 days. But it depends on how she feels, she could extend it as well.

My friend said I shouldn't give him to her till I get the actual flights back and see it. We are in Alberta.

arabian 08-31-2017 02:15 PM

One would think that she had return flight booked or she would have to pay pretty steep cost would she not? Did you get a copy of the ticket?

trinton 08-31-2017 03:05 PM

See this is exactly why I can't stand parents sometimes. They love this last minute BS .. oh your visits being cancelled , oh I have signed up the child in Karate and you have to pay and take child during your parenting times, oh child is in daycare now and you have to pay, oh I took the child to the other side of the country yesterday for vacation for the next 6 months.

what does your order say about travel ?

The mere fact that she wants to take child for 13 days when order only allows for 7 days is troublesome. If you deny access, she may file contempt motion against you, but you may be able to argue that she intended to take child on travel without travel information and for longer than what the court order allows. To be smart about it, you ask for the information, you say no until you get it. If she takes child, then you file a motion to find her in contempt, and trust me, she won't attempt something like that again after that.

FirstTimer 08-31-2017 04:09 PM

I only have copies of the ticket for departure. No return. It was just one way. Okay, that's what I was thinking as well. I don't want to ruin his visit with his family...however, I also want her to follow the rules.

Thank you,

arabian 08-31-2017 07:51 PM

without a return ticket I would assume kid isn't coming back... sorry. No misinterpretation here. When was the one-way purchased... how much?

I don't recall your specific situation, however, I would object vehemently about this (not that purchase of a return ticket guarantees a child's return).

Your order is specific - 7 days. Unless there is proof of a return ticket I wouldn't approve.

I don't want to be an alarmist but ....

arabian 08-31-2017 07:57 PM

Also... Sept 3 is a strange time to start a vacation for a 6-year old (grade 1).

School starts on Tuesday does it not?

foreverhome 08-31-2017 08:50 PM

You need a plan if they don't return. Know your next steps.

denbigh 09-01-2017 02:35 AM

I was going to respond, what is the big deal if trip longer than 7 days and you dont have the return date, unless you are worried not going to come back.

But then reading the rest , it seems there are lots of red flags.

a 1 way ticket
saying she might stay longer, depends how she feels
refused return information despite a request
odd to take a 2 week vacation right when school begins if no significant reason, such as a wedding or something like that.

If it was me, I'd be worried parent was not planning on returning.

Berner_Faith 09-01-2017 08:06 AM

Is this child not starting school? I know a lot of parents pull their children out of school for trips but this seems excessive. Does this trip cut into your parenting time? Has she said what the trip is for? What does your agreement say along the lines of what is required to travel?

My first reaction is how wonderful the trip could be for the child but then reading the details the first red flag that comes up is that the child is being moved to a different school/province.

Do you know this family she is going to visit? Where they live etc? I would for sure get this info before consenting to travel. I don't know that you can actually not give the child over if it's her parenting time but I would be emailing and documenting your refusal for travel until all details are provided.

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arabian 09-01-2017 09:17 AM

I'd check with the school your child is supposed to be attending and see if he is even registered. No need to make a big deal about it - just call and ask if there is a supply list or fees to be paid.

I've never heard of someone denying their child the excitement and anticipation of first day of school/grade 1.

Have you been asked to contribute to school supplies or registration fees? Presumably there are those things for children entering grade one?

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