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LondonFather 08-10-2011 01:34 PM

Need Legal Advice
Hey does anyone know where to get free legal advice?

Ive posted on here before with my daycare issues. I emailed the day care that I would be dropping my son off/on at their locations as I had the past 18 months. The daycare is friends with my ex and wrote an affidavit that I was aggressive when I showed up to pick up my son and my ex had already picked him up (She was trying to take away my access)

I in a polite email told the daycare that I would continue to pick up/logan as I had.. but yes it was within in right to say I couldnt, but if that was the case I would accept her resignation. Her and my ex never responded and now my ex has seen her lawyer I got an email from daycare saying they were standing behind their choice. So essentially I was told to F off. I am not an aggressive person, and usually prefer to keep the peace but now unfortunately am between a rock and hard place.. as I am scared they will make false accusations, but was told that if I dont pick up my son, or make an effort than I will be accused of waiving my parent rights/ admitting that I am a bad father and can not pick up my son. Luckily we are changing daycare in three weeks and Im confused as to whether I have done damage to myself by giving the daycare an ultimatum, or if I should back off now.. and tell the courts that I was trying to keep the peace and that they have been difficult. More and more it looks like I am getting rail roaded.. bahhh

fireweb13 08-10-2011 03:03 PM

You can try the FLICK office at any court office for some free advice.
What does your court order say about pick up and drop off? Follow it and keep a voice recorder with you. Do you have joint legal custody? If you do then its better, but if not then no big deal. You should have a meeting with the daycare at a time when it is not with your child and go over the court order with them and explain to them that it is not their choice as it is outlined in a court order. Failing that, ask your ex to give a letter to the daycare explaining that you can pick up/drop off your child according to the court order. Failing that, take it in front of a judge and say you tried everything but your ex and the daycare will not follow the court order.Hopefully the new daycare is better. I think the email was not the best idea though.

wretchedotis 08-10-2011 05:53 PM

go pick your child up.
i assume you are well within your rights by court order or agreement?

if they will not relese the child to you, call the police.

as well, contact the better business bureau and file a complaint.
then maybe find out if they are registered/licensed and file a complaint with them.

Daycare does not have the right to forbid you from picking your child up contrary to court order. If they were so concerned about you being aggresive, they should have called the police and filed a report.

Skndlz2904 08-10-2011 11:01 PM

I'm a little baffled here. Do you have a Court order or not? What kind of access do you have ordered by the Judge?

I assume negative affidavit from daycare has been prepared/filed for the upcoming motion by your wife? If that's the case your current order is still in place and enforced.

If you're affraid of false accusations get a friend with you and go pickup your child, if they refuse call the cops and charge those bitches with assault.

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