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trinton 01-03-2018 11:48 AM

one week summer access each parent
I've got this really bizzare recommendation from the OCL (female social worker) that we each have one week access each summer. It would really mean that mom would have 6 weeks as the every other weekend and wednesday access I get would give her a week from Thursday to following Tuesday anyhow.

I had child for 2 weeks in July of Last year.

Anyone successfully get half of summer access as opposed to the puny "week access" ? Best way to dispute this? status quo from July last year helpful to me ? Mother's completely denying any summer access first year after order was made and dictating every other year helpful ?

I am thinking something along lines, we could do one week each this year, but following year, it be extended to 2 weeks (or half o summer). Case management judge stated I should have majority of holidays if mom is to have majority of regular access.

ANyone have any good case law in support of this ? Aside from the Maximum contact principle in CLRA ?

Just one of the items I am disputing of the OCL report and taking to trial.

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