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Daddyof2 05-04-2019 01:13 AM

Parenting issues
Ex and I have the 2 kids, 9 and 10, 50/50

Ex has a history of taking the kids out of school an hour early to go do fun things like rock climbing or playing at the park or some club which I didn't like but never made a stink about it to keep the peace even though I noticed an academic decline over the years.

This week the kids slipped (as mom drills them not to say ANYTHING to me) and told me their mom has been taking them out of school 4 hours before the end of school to hang out with her at the fitness club.

I emailed my ex expressing my disapproval and that school time is important for their future and playtime should be after school. She replied back saying "The boys like being at the club with me."

:eek: How do I even reply to that? I can't stop her/school won't stop her from taking them out of school during her days. I'm already the dad that makes them do homework and now stopping them from ditching school, so I don't know how to proceed.

Helpmyspouse 05-04-2019 02:05 PM

How can a parent do this and not know it is just wrong? Her behaviour is wrong on so many levels. And worst no support from the school. I guess the school would only care if there were child protection issues. If kids aren't flat out failing and you only noticing an academic decline this isn't serious enough for the school's involvement. Sad thing is when kids are now failing and school wants to address this it would be late in the game. Try contacting the school's social worker.

Berner_Faith 05-05-2019 01:16 PM

How often is this happening? Daily? Weekly? I certainly donít agree with it but if itís happening randomly then probably very little you can do about it. If the school isnít concerned about their attendance and grades probably less you can do about it.

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denbigh 05-05-2019 03:11 PM

I was wondering that too. If you took kids out of school for half a day every week for 2 months it seems like a lot, but itís really no different than taking kids out for a 1 week vacation and that happens all the time., so I think the severity is going to depend on the amount of time. The thing that would bother me is that ta one thing to say miss school for this special vacation. Vs miss school when I feel like not going as it may set up
Poor habits for attendance in high school.

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