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scope111 02-22-2010 03:44 PM

Separation Agreement > Divorce Paperwork Question
Hello all. I've been separated close to 2 years now, and ready for the divorce. Ex and I put alot of effort and money into the Separation Agreement through lawyers etc... It's dealt with custody, support, property, debts etc... Ex and I would like the divorce to follow everything in the separation agreement exactly.

Obviously putting so much time and money into the Separation Agreement, neither of us wants to put more into the divorce. Looking to keep the lawyers out of it. My question however, is this.

In the Separation Agreement it states that neither Ex or I would receive or pay child support now or ever in the future. Custody is joint, shared residence 50/50. Both Ex and I make very good salaries (6 digit), and agreed that we would not look for payments, however since that time 2 years ago salaries have changed slightly. Not much, but I guess the question is will the court look at the Separation Agreement and be ok with that even though the guidelines for child support state other wise? Even if it's an uncontested divorce? Any advise? Thanks.

Research 03-26-2011 12:20 PM

also want to know
I'm interested in what the answers will be. Do you have to go through the work to submit your full financials along with your agreement and the divorce paperwork?

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