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wretchedotis 05-06-2012 02:48 PM

You could submit your assesment, copy of banking (showing when joint acct was closed), or explain to the judge that his assesment proves it and ask for an order that his assesment be released to you.

Thats probably something to motion for, however.

DeborahK 05-16-2012 10:21 PM

Update,,,, I went to Case Conference last week with all kinds of documents as I was self-representing..... his lawyer didn't show up but my ex did. Basically not much was said but the judge agreed that the separation date needed to be made correct and accurate... judge sugggested to me to reschedule Case Conference.

Within 2 days I got a letter from his lawyer saying if I am willing to accept the new date we will do an affidavit divorce.

WTF, that's what I had asked for in the first place, what a waste of time, energy and money on my ex's part LOL.

Me, total cost $35 to file "Answer" and $2.50 for parking ;-) Look on their faces = Priceless... it's nice to be a winner against a lawyer ;-)

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