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ensorcelled 03-24-2018 02:00 PM

Self Reps on CBC
Interesting interview by Prof. Julie McFarland from the University of Windsor:

arabian 03-24-2018 08:02 PM

thanks for alerting us to this article

I have never heard of

With that said, I had to chuckle about the comments about obtaining transcripts for procedures from Alberta Court of Queens Bench. I obtained transcripts quite easily. I had to pay a deposit for an "estimate" but I did receive a timely refund afterwards. I also was able to object to the transcript as inaccurate. The people who produced it quickly reviewed and made the corrections.

Getting a transcript is likely one of the easier things to do in Alberta for family court matters.

IMO one has to be almost brain-dead to have difficulty understanding their straight-forward requirements.

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