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goingbroke 07-19-2007 10:46 PM

Parental assesment recommendation
My wife and I are in disagreement over child access/custody. We are still living in the same house while spending everything we have on legal bills.

Ours was a "traditional marriage". She stayed at home and I worked and provided. We have two kids (12 and 7). Although I worked full time, I am a very involved father and wanted equal access with the children. She disagrees and wants to allow me alternate weekend access. I have concerns about her mental health and her ability to raise our 12 year old son. My lawyer suggested we seem a parental assessment that involves psychological testing. We approached the Ottawa Family court clinic, but they are no longer accepting new cases. Does any one have a recommendation of a good parental assessor that does psychological testing in addition to the usual interviewing etc.?

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