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deanp 01-26-2011 04:18 PM

Help with CS and time with kids

I am about to see a lawyer and start my legal battle with my soon to be x-wife.

Since we separated I have been paying full child support according to the table with no signed agreement (we avoided lawyers until now). 14 months in I was spending more and more time with the kids. I told her I cannot afford to keep paying the full amount and offered her less. She refused and sent me a letter from her lawyer asking for full payment and now all of a sudden extra expenses.

My first question is... do i have to pay for the kids summer camp when I had offered to take care of the kids (my parents would spent the summer with me to watch the kids)?

My second question is... will the she get full CS and expenses if it puts me in a position where I would financially be unable to see the kids?

I make 75k and she makes 50k. Her father pays for the kids privet school that she enrolled the kids in with asking me and it cost about 5k for both kids (4y boy and 6y girl) She lives in a luxury condo and I live in a basement bachelor. Before the separation we declared bankruptcy so I have no assets and only my job. If she wins, I would be picking up my kids at an exclusive privet school riding the TTC.

I love my kids and they have the right to CS and I don't have a problem paying it but if I have the kids 40% of more of the time do I have to pay the full amount? (third question) Since I have a bachelor, overnight stays are difficult and I want to get a nicer 2 bedroom place so that I would have more time with them.

I am kinda stressed about this whole thing so any help would be great.

Thanks you,


representingself 01-26-2011 04:49 PM

Are you exercising your parenting time during overnights now?

If you are not... then you don't have the kids 40%.

If you are... then CS would be based on the offset amount... not full guideline amount, and section 7 expenses are shared in proportion to income.

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