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gleslie87 05-16-2009 05:06 PM

Husband asking me not to come home
I am staying in edmonton at present on job and my husband is in calgary.
I came to canada in october 2008 and landed on a job in november 2008 in edmonton.
I am now trying to move back to calgary on a job there, but my husband is asking me not to come home. he came to edmonton and said that he wants to divorce me and said that even if i get a job in calgary i should be staying separately.
In our 1.5 years of marriage we had been together only for 2.5 months
1 month during the initial marriage and 1.5 month when i came to calgary from my country
in that 1.5 month i was with him i became pregnant and my husband convinced me for an abortion saying that we need to work on the marriage and i went thru the abortion on his words.
now he is saying that there was no chemistry from day 0 of our marriage. inspite of talking to him for 8 months before my marriage he is saying this.

He is not even giving any written communication that the chemistry is not working out from day 1 . he is telling only verbally and manipulates his words to his family members.
When my parents are asking him to confirm his verbal communications he is just replies that he doesnt want to deal with my parents and he says that he will only communicate with me. If i mail him i dont get any response for the mails. he simply says that "what makes you(me) think that i will reply to you?"

I feel duped, dumped and I feel very low emotionally....

Any help and advice is highly appreciated....

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