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The Iceberg 05-22-2015 11:54 AM

What to do next?
Although I had a different plans, I was convinced by a suggestion of a lawyer and 2 members of this forum who are knowledgeable and whom I respect. They suggested me to play with open cards. So I did. I told my ex that I wants the 4 year status quo to remain. I told her that after she made an offer to pay rent for me if I move to her area.

Her reaction was crazy and it is in my other thread. Yesterday at child's soccer practice she wants the kid this weekend too.

I told her she knows it is easy to agree with me and she knows that but I am not changing schools. She started complaining how it is not fair, how it is far for her to drive the kid to-from school due to work and so on. I left it at that.

In Alberta things may work different than in other provinces. She can register the kid to her school anytime without my consent and vice versa. I worry she may take and register the child in her school 3 days before school starts and pull something ugly that would buy her time until the child gets well establish in her school, and it may screw me up.

I know this because if I was left with no chances, I could do this too, but I am far from that.

So what options do I have to better secure that this doesn't happen?

a) she might agree for as she said, 1 more year, but then wants me to sign that after that the child will go to get school no matter what.
b) I could file a motion but an agreement is better than fighting in court...just can't trust her agreement without a court stamp.
c) Leave the things as they are, but like I mentioned, she may hit me suddenly with something strong or sickening especially at a wrong time.

I am not sure what ti do:(

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