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oakley 12-08-2008 02:01 PM

Can anyone recommend a good, agressive family divorce lawyer, I have one now but she is very passive, and I really have to push her to do things for me or ask for things for me of my ex's lawyer. She keeps mentioning to me things in regards to my ex wife and she seems to feel sorry for her and seems to be sided with her, I feel very unconfrontable with my lawyer. I have had her on the case for 10 mths and nothing got resolved just financial disclosure and visitation using a mediator and her too is moving very slow and not resolving anything, it took her 6 months to get me bi-weekly visitations but there is always hurrdles and problems every two weeks.

Can anyone suggest a good, agressive lawyer that might be willing to take my case 1/4 of the way through??????:mad:

#1StepMom 12-08-2008 03:00 PM

We had similar issues with our first THREE lawyers! Finally, I looked Dad's Law (DadLaw. Protecting the Rights of Men & Fathers.) and we went with a lawyer from there. Although not aggressive, he was very in tune with fathers' fights for their children, and was the one that got us to court and a pretty decent order. Hope this helps!

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