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lauralin 02-02-2009 10:22 AM

How would you respond
I had been behind in income tax filing. I finally got all my information together and filed my tax returns for 2003-2007.
I received a notice from the CRA that my 2004 income tax had already been filed and assesed in April of 2005.
I had just recently left my common law relationship in March of 2005.
I contacted the CRA and they informed me that it had been a paper return and the cheque had been mailed to last known address.
They also informed me that the cheque had been cashed.
The CRA retrieved a copy of the cheque so I could verify that it was not my signature.
My ex spouse had fraudulently filed the return and forged my signature on the back of the cheque and deposited it into an account belonging to him.
We had always completed our income tax separately. He had no authority to sign my name to any cheque.
I went to the OPP to report this crime and they still have not responded.
I am aware that this would only be a summary conviction with a possible fine.
I have no proof of the fraud as the CRA only keeps three years of paper records.
What would you do?

paris 02-02-2009 10:54 AM

I would go to the OPP and report the crime, as you did.

You have a copy of the cheque that shows it was not signed by you and deposited to his account.

Did the CRA give you a copy of the assessment? What did the OPP say when you reported it? How long ago did you report it? Have you questioned your ex about it? How much was cheque worth?

I always answer questions with questions. ;)

lauralin 02-02-2009 12:27 PM

The CRA only keeps three years of paper returns. I did receive a copy of the assessment. I reported this crime in December of 08. I have questioned the ex but we are still talking through lawyers. No response to the question. It was not a large amount. (less than $1000.)
I finally got a response from the OPP today. They have to retrieve bank information and the original cheque and information from the CRA. I was told to expect to wait a month for another response.
It seems like a petty crime, but this was just another way for him to kick me while I was down.

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