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dvr 08-01-2006 06:44 AM

Can I send this letter to the court
Can I send this letter to the court and if I can what is the expected answer I should recevie Thank you dvr
File # 1206 4949/C.I. 40526

July 31, 2006

Supreme Court Family Division

RE: PRE TRIAL CONFERENCE (Disclosure Requirement Applicant and Respondent)

The court has asked me, as a self represented litigant, and -----------------, counsel for the applicant, to have disclosure items submitted to the court by July 26, 2006.

As a self represented Litigant, I do not understand the Law or Rules of the Court to the same extent as opposing counsel. I believe that we were told by the Court to provide all the information that was stated in the “Pre-Trial Conference Memo” dated June 13, 2006. As I can recall, the court stated that if there were any items requested that we did not have or could not provide for the Court, then it should be stated in writing to the Court.

I believe to the best of my knowledge that I have provided the information that was asked of me in the “Pre-Trial Conference Memo”.

I respectfully ask the court what rule of the court allows opposing counsel, to not provide or state that opposing counsel is unable to provide the following items:

1. Current financial information of the assets and liabilities of the Company

2. Judgments Stats.

3. Year to date income information from all sources and proof.

4. Financial statements, updated if any changes

5. Property statements, proof of assets, debt as of separation and balances.

The only copy of information that was submitted to me by opposing counsel, ----------------- was an expert evidence report and a Pre Trial Brief. To date, I did not receive copies of any other information that was requested by the Court that was to be filed by the July 26th 2006 deadline.



Enclosure: Pre-Trial Conference Memo

cc Mail Box of -------------------,
Sydney Justice Centre

Jeff 08-01-2006 10:28 AM

Writing a letter to the court like that is about as effective as writing Santa Claus. These aren't issues the court staff can answer; only a judge can deal with them.

I'm not sure I understand your letter completely, but if the issue is the opposing counsel refusing to provide financial disclosure, you need to bring a motion to compel the disclosure. Then the judge will deal with any reasons that opposing counsel may provide as to why the disclosure can't be produced.

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