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zanman 11-02-2017 11:55 AM

chil and spousal
Hi Everyone
I will have a CC for January and I have replied to the application. Just a few things I'm curious about. As some of you might now my story we did our own agreement in 2014 and now she is trying to get it tossed out.

If she is awarded spousal as she is now seeking it would it be valued at her current wage? She got a $6 dollar an hour raise early this year. So I'm currently paying child based on last years taxes. The question is when we go to our CC and at the end of all this if she gets awarded the SS would it be based on her current wage? I'm currently working on my CC brief and will be sending it to my Lawyer next week.

She is claiming Duress and that I forced her to sign it? Which none is true.

Also do we have an obligation as parents to advise the other parent when one is to get a raise of that magnitude? We have 50/50 with the children. and we pay offset child support currently.

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