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Drifted-apart 05-19-2009 05:36 AM

feel so lost...My Situation.. I need advise.
Thanks for taking an interested in helping me, I'm forever greatful.. Here's my situation from the beginning...
I met my current boyfriend in March 2006- we hit it off wonderfully.. He bought a puppy for the two of us (even though we lived separately- we had plans to one day live together and the puppy would b both of ours) in August of 06. I started college in February 07- I quit my job to focus on my studies, I was living with my aunt so I was able to attend school and not work.
In February 07 shortly after starting school my boyfriend asked me to move in with him (he owned the home) we talked about it, we spoke to my parents- I moved in March 07.. I attended school full-time, and was basically a house wife the rest of the time.
In September 07 I left my boyfriend and moved back with my aunt and ended things with my boyfriend.. I left everything 4 him (savings, our new computer and TV we bought n the dog since I couldn't bring him to my aunts)
November 07 we decided to work things out and get back together, and in March of 08- I moved back in. Since moving back in 08 I have had a full-time job- putting money into HIS home, and money into HIS savings account. I have bank transactions proving I've sent money to his account. In September 08 OUR dog got very ill and was admitted to the veterinary hospital, my boyfriend wanted to put him down due to lack of money, I wanted to spend whatever to make sure he was going to get better. Paid out 5000 dollars in vet bills which I said I'd take care of if I was able to take it off his line of credit, and if I wasn't able to use his, I had my family who were willing to let me borrow it. All the vet bills are in my boyfriends name, as is all the bills and the house.. And the bank accounts.
I'm ready to walk away from all the savings we saved together, and what I put into the house, if I can leave peacefully with our dog.
Is this unrealistic for me? Am I not untitled to ANYTHING since it was HIS home, and all the money went to HIS account.. Even though I have records from MY bank...
Do I contact a lawyer? Or do I just tell him I'm unhappy and I am willing to settle this peacefully??

standing on the sidelines 05-19-2009 07:04 AM

you are entitled to more then the dog so tell him that you want out and want the dog plus some savings to start a new life. You lived together a very short time but you should get something for that.

If you ever decide to live with a man again, always have your own bank account for your own savings. You can have a joint account that you both put money in to pay bills.

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