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wildrose 01-23-2007 05:26 PM

Support Variation
I will try to keep this as brief as possible but will give a bit of history as I am new here.

Married 24 years....2 adult children......stay at home mom.......ex's income $95,000 plus bonus annually.

March 25/04.........I leave hubby and move out on my own
April 04.......I move in with a roommate
May 04.....File application for spousal support and was awarded $2000.00 per month indefinately with no stipulation other than it may be reviewed if the circumstances of either party changes
Dec circumstances have changed but ex wants a review, his lawyer tells him to leave it alone as there is no reason for review and he could be sorry as he was not paying the full amount he could be paying if it went back to court
July 05.....ex wants another review because I am now seeing another man.......other man has his own house.....does not live with me.......ex is once again told to leave it alone by his legal council.....ex threatens to sue me for all payments made back to May 04
July 05.......I get tired of his crap and apply with maintenance enforcement as ex is habitually late with payments....sometimes as long as a month or more
Sept 06......due to a reorganization in ex's workplace, he looses his job. Ex files application to have spousal support cancelled. Application is denied as ex is still receiving income from former employer until Jan 07.
Jan 07.....Ex has now refiled to have spousal support cancelled. Ex has not found other employment other than he has invested 35,000 in a coffee vending machine business. He says he cannot gain employment due to the fact he is 52 years of age and is seeking a high level management position. He also has other skills

Ex's net worth is $500,000.00. He owns two rental properties plus the house he resides in. He has remarried and his spouse has an income of approx. $70,000. He is supporting his new wife's two adult children who are not paying room and board to live with them. These two children are currently unemployed.

What are my rights? What are my chances of loosing my support? I am a student, trying to upgrade my education to gain a higher earning potential and at the moment am living in a community of 1300 people where the most I can make at a job here in town is $7.00/hr...max 20 hrs per week. My schooling will allow me to run a home accounting business which there is great demand for in a farming community.

Any ideas or comments???? Please let me know if there are any other questions.

OB1 01-23-2007 10:30 PM

My advice, get a life stop depending on your ex. he's your ex not your ticket to a pension. People like you are whmen become dead eat dads. This is about supporting chilren not exs wifes. hopefully one day judges will realize were in the 21 centry. Why don't you get a fricking job ans support your ex.. he did loose his job. If I was that other man I would dump you since your a money hungry B---h

wildrose 01-23-2007 11:08 PM

Wow! That was constructive advise..............was hoping for feedback that was just a little bit more intelligent.

sufferer 01-23-2007 11:22 PM

Take a Moderator Advise
Rather than counting on the foolish comments from useless members,take a moderator (Legal velocity, Andrea)advise.They can show you the right legal path.And don't feel offended with some pro-men comments.You gave your 100% to make a home and was unable to focus on your career.Now its your turn to demand back.I strongly suspect your ex planned his termination from his job.Anyways......................

Good Luck

sufferer 01-23-2007 11:26 PM

What about 50% of the property?
Hey what happened to your 50% share in properties.I am sure he has earned a lot of RESP's claim your 50% share in that too....:cool:

OB1 01-24-2007 09:21 AM

Again get a life. Pro men..You say there's work available at 7.00 an hour. Well, what are you waiting for? Isn't that better than nothing. And as far as loosing his job, why question it..he lost it? Move on. You did find another guy already, which makes me think you were most likely having an affair on him. Did you fail to mention that.
Support yourself stand up and be a real women.
let the guy be.. i'm sure if you had to give 2000.00 a month to your ex's your story would change..

wildrose 01-24-2007 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by sufferer
Hey what happened to your 50% share in properties.I am sure he has earned a lot of RESP's claim your 50% share in that too....:cool:

We split most of the property 50/50 other than our matrimonial home. He decided he wasn't going to move so we did the split based on the tax assessmenet of the year before. 8 days after the agreement was done he put the house on the market and sold it for $15,000 more than the price we had agreed on. Live and learn. He also kept approx. 75% of the household contents as when I moved, it was into a very small residence and I didn't have the room for anything nor did I have the money for storage. So I let it go. Anything I did ask for, I had to fight for.

And to OB1.......NO, I didn't have an affair. I was too busy washing my ex's clothes, cooking his meals and raising his children. Maybe you shouldn't spout off your mouth before you are aware of all the facts!

wildrose 01-24-2007 11:32 AM

Is there anyone out there that can give me some constructive advice? I really don't know what to expect when this goes back to court in a few days.

Decent Dad 01-24-2007 12:21 PM


- you have rights to try to maintain your support
- yor ex has rights to try and reduce or terminate it
- what a judge will do is anyone's guess...

You can search this site for Spousal Support Variation. Also, you can go to CanLaw database of court cases and search there. You can also look at the divorce act too. All of these things aare online. I think LV posted a very good iterpretation of the act regarding "needs" and "means".

Anytime there is a material change on either party, you can have an order revisited. It may, or may not, get changed. That's the big crap-shoot.

If you reassurances, that is one thing that is hard to give. Since the laws are grey and the mood of the judge really decides everything anyway.

So, we must turn to DD's three rules of family law:

1) what does the law say
2) what do you think will happen
3) what most likely will happen

#1 - The Law
The laws are all over the map regarding spousal support. Basically it is all about needs and means. You have a need, he has the mean (well, used to have the means). LV can probably post some eliquant interpretation of the law.

#2 - What Do You Think Will Happen
Well, what do you think will happen? If it was me, I would think that support would not change. Why? Long term marriage. $2000 a month. Not bad.

#3 - What Will Happen
In most situations the gap between 2-3 is wide. Why? Well, people expect common sense and fair play in Family Law. For example, that gap is extremely wide for Father's getting custody and access. Most think they should get 50-50 access, until they go to court and get 10%. BUT, in the case of spousal support recipients - the gap is narrow. If you want $2000 a month, you'll get it.... You r ex on the other hand, his gap between 2-3 is wide. Why? Well, he is a payor. So he would expect it to go down or stop when he lsot his job. He would epect some relief after paying for years. But he will be in for a shock #3).

Decent Dad 01-24-2007 12:37 PM

I re-read you post.

May 04 - you say you were awarded 2000. Is that a court ordered amount, or a settlement amount.

On Dec 04 your ex filed for a change. His "Matcerial change" would simply be time. Not a great reason, hence his lawyer's advice to leave it alone. But you state he is not paying the full amount. He is not paying the full $2000. Or is he not paying what you think he should be paying?

Jul 05 - another material change... but his lawyer was right since you are not co-habitating, the order would not be changed since it is not really a material change (interesting event none-the-less, but not legal).

Sep 06 - okay, that's a real material change - losses job

Jan 07 - another material change (losses income)

Just some advice. What annoys people is that you mention your ex's net worth. Yet, we know you got half of everything. So, is your net worth also $500K? Or close to it. Also, you state your ex's personal situation (new wife) and some financial info about his spouse. Now, I know when we are dealing with SS, all people's income that are involved are considered. But really, should someone else be paying you if your ex is unemployed? Finally, if you were still married, and your husband lost his job, wouldn't it be the two of you working together to struggle though it. But in this country, it is easier to hammer the ex. And I think that is where OB1 is coming from.

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