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roamingfree 01-22-2016 03:47 PM

FRO default hearing for extensive non payment
Hello All,
I have a questions (obviously): FRO is setting default hearing for unpaid child support by my ex. He has not made one payment since March 2013. To this date he owes roughly $56,000, including s. 7 expenses, which are amounting to only $6000 of the total. He sold his original company after receiving first notice from FRO, acquired a new building, and waited about a year to open in new location. Due to my ex's negligence, FRO has just recently received SDO on order issued on August 29, 2013. FRO issued regular suspensions of Driver's Licence, Passport, issued Lien on his business - although a month after he sold his original company. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with default hearings, how long do they usually take to be set in Ontario, what is the average time line to enforce the order and have funds coming in finally. I returned to university 2 years ago, and raising two children, without any support or even without any family close by to help with simple duties like babysitting and such is becoming quite exhausting and almost impossible to do. We live below poverty line for last 3 years. I would like to know what is the possible fastest way to get this non-payment issue moving so support payments are coming in and the owing funds are paid.
Thank you in advance for any input.

roamingfree 04-25-2016 04:21 PM

just an update:
default hearing came and went on April 15, 2016. The payor did not show up for court. Judge issued warrant for arrest.
This will take for ever.
Is there anything else I can do? This went as far as arrest warrant for a very active businessman who is very involved with public, along with receiving achievement awards from City Hall (city is about 100K population).
So, really, what else can I do?

rockscan 04-25-2016 04:32 PM

You might be able to get some info from the sheriffs office (at the courthouse).

Adversely, if its a small town and has a newspaper/media outlet and he is a high profile person, you might get them to write a shame article about them. Although that could backfire that he loses his business and his income.

You may need to be a little more patient. At least you have a warrant for their arrest which is more than some people get. You cant get blood from a stone!

arabian 04-25-2016 05:34 PM

Once he is hauled in on bench warrant he will retain an ambulance-chasing lawyer and schedule an emergency hearing. Hopefully you are informed when this happens (verify with the Prosecutor's office).

Problem is that they usually only arrest someone if they have been caught speeding. It is doubtful that they will go out and look for him to arrest him. You should also check this out with Prosecutor's office.

Very frustrating. Hope you get some resolution. Short of shaming him at his place of employment (have your friends walk around with billboards) there is very little you can do.

I presume he still is without a drivers' license or passport?

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