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fireweb13 11-11-2011 05:04 PM

Ok, some background. D5, broke up with her mom when she was 1. Ex had relationship from when D was 2-4 years old. This guy was much much older (ex 20- he was 43). They forced our daughter to call him Daddy. They broke up when she was 4. Ex met another guy and moved right in. D told me that he makes her call him daddy and that he gets upset when she forgets to do so. This has been going on since about a month after ex met this guy. Found out ex is pregnant, no real issue with that. D told me today while we were driving home that Moms BF told our daughter that she is going to have his last name soon, and not my last name. How do I approach this, I know they talk negativly about me to our daughter but I am just so lost as to how to stop the alienation. Even our OCL report documented alot of facts about forcing our D to call him dad, and that they speak negative about me but nobody will do anything. We just got a final court order and I hoped that things would settle but its not happening at all. Any advice is welcome. Thank you

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