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SashaQ 05-07-2019 04:09 PM

Long time lurker, first time poster
Hello all,

I have finally succumbed to these forums, and made my first post! :)

I am a mum to a Kindergartener. I am in the Greater Toronto Area. I work at a very family-friendly employer, and I am happy I found this forum because as much as I avoid court, the other party has a standing invitation for me there. :(

I am hoping to gain valuable knowledge, and insight into the dealings with Office of the Children's Lawyer, 3rd party gifts, and stayin' alive during this turbulent journey.

I will bring my experiences thus far in self-representing, Legal Aid Ontario issues, and any CAS and court-related matters that may prove to be a useful guide to someone who is hurting or confused in their own process.

Thank you!

iona6656 05-10-2019 02:51 PM

hi :)

there are a few of us with little ones on here. it's a special kind of hell getting divorced in a high conflict situation when you have very little kids.

good to hear you have a great employer. use the EAP program if you can- it helps cut down on costs and gives you a place to vent your frustrations.

this place is a wealth of information, esp. if you're going through the OCL process.

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