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dinkyface 06-29-2009 06:00 PM

No father on passport application -> problem?
Mother obtained a passport without father's consent when child was very young. This occurred a few weeks after father served papers to obtain access. At that time, the child's birth certificate did not identify the father. So it is very likely that the mother did not identify the father on the passport application either. A consent order is now in place, granting sole custody to mother, specific access to father (about 35% time), and each has the right to travel internationally subject to consent of other parent, up to certain # weeks per year. The birth certificate has also been amended to identify the father (but child still carrries only the mother's surname).

Does anyone know if it matters to the border guards what is in Passport Canada's files i.e.
- father not identified on application form
- no copy of any court orders
- usage of a birth certificate that does not identify the father

Or do they only see what is printed on the passport, and base their decision to ask for further documentation (i.e. consent letter, birth certificate, court order) based on that?

Specifically, is it worth fighting to get passport canada's files updated, in order to ensure that the consent order clause that indicates father must consent to international travel is upheld? The mother has most of the 'flight risk' factors, so father is worried about closing the barn gate after the er, horse, has fled.

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