Hello- I need advice/direction for my actions:
Issue- FSO ask me for Support arrears collection in 10 days or will go to collection bureau etc.

(1) I filed for divorce when I was living in Quebec (before lived in Ontario). case transferred to Ontario.
(2) A new case file by wife in Ottawa without any notice to me and in my absentia Judgment order was sent for a Support money to me.

(3) I went to Ottawa Court, Judgement fixed $ for support (lower than before) and order that all enforcement proceeding in Ontario or in Quebec be hereby stayed with respect to the arrears of support pending further order of this court ( Over payment$ were returned by FSP office Ottawa.

(4) I paid to till son was 33 age 2014 after his second degree and marriage at 31.

*5) Now I am 68 years old and my son is 41 years old and working full time.

How to STOP FSO actions for arrears collection around 10,000 $ which was stayed in 1993 and no new court order.