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She keeps swiping marital property when I am not there

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    My advice might work for some. As I am done as of last month and had much of the same issues.

    I documented everything with photos and video, my Gopro was excellent. I always displayed that days newspaper and accompanied the pictures or videos with running commentary.
    When someone is unfair with possesions, changing locks etc all I can say is my extremely well documented portfolio was worth its weight in Platinum(Gold is going down).

    Explaining to a judge what has happenned and having video proof is irrifutable evidence.

    When my ex changed the locks and took everything and I mean everything and destroyed my property the video was priceless.

    Also as often mentioned... buy a diary, keep detailed notes,,,, on everything. At the end of a month write a summary. If you go to a lawyer this makes his or her job that much easier, and , way cheaper for you.


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      Originally posted by mcdreamy View Post
      Does this mean you have decided to not simply change the locks and advise her of the change?
      Or get an alarm system. The Ex wont know the code and in a few minutes the cops will show up to bust them.


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