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Justice Harvey Brownstone

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  • Justice Harvey Brownstone

    I heard this man speak yesterday morning on CBC radio- The Current, what a smart man! He is speaking out against family court and how it makes victims out of the children involved in a parent's divorce. He mentions that it takes a "level of maturity" on behalf of the parents involved to be able to mediate rather than litigate. The whole thing I find sad about this is it is becoming more apparent that his views are few and far between AND it looks more and more like if you want to do what is best for your child/ren when locked in a custody battle walking away, at least in Ontario, seems to be the only way to keep them from getting hurt.

    My partner is going through this right now and hearing Justice Brownstone talk sent shivers down my spine with the harsh reality.

    We can only hope that more Justices take Justice Brownstone's lead and realize that children benefit from the involvement of BOTH parents in their lives, not just the traditional mom gets custody and dad sees them every other weekend....unless of course there are extenuating circumstances ie: abuse etc.

    His book is called Tug of War....This man really made a lot of sense and I felt compelled to share this with all!

    CBC Radio | The Current | Whole Show Blow-by-Blow

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    Thanks for the Info. Change can be slow -- but nonetheless its a step in the right direction!


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      "Tug of War"

      Excellent book.......... well worth the read. He wrote this artical just before the book was published - News & Features - Family court judge's book a caution to warring couples , 'This is not Judge Judy,' Harvey Brownstone tells self-litigators who clog divorce courts


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        Brownstone is nothing more than an official propaganda voice of the Ontario Judiciary, apart from that, he is heavy into gay and lesbian issues, that means despite his apparent empathy, he is probably just another gay living with another man and knows next to nothing about family dynamics. You will also note that he fails to talk about the real world of family law , he like most of the legal profession pretend its all above board and genuine law... No it aint, its a pool of the the lower forms of human life.... Read it but read between the lines and just remember all the gay lawyers you have met , how they talked about their gay lovers on their first meeting with you when they knew you were not gay... Get my drift?



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          I fail to understand why it matters if Justice Brownstone has an interest in gay and lesbian rights. Moreover, why should a person's sexual orientation have any bearing on their understanding of family law/dynamics? I realize you are new to the forum but please try and keep comments like you previously made off of your forum posts.


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            This man is trying to make a difference, which is something all of us who are entrenched in these battles need to see. And I 100% agree that whether he is gay or not has nothing to do with how well he can do his job. I have many gay friends and I find your comments totally offensive and ignorant. I welcome Justice Brownstone's views and hope that they will be heard by some of the justices out there who are too blind to realize children need both their parents, unless of course one or the other is abusive.


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