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Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket, Ontario court steps out of bounds as a judge

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  • staysingle
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. The famiuly courts are (I refer to it as monkey court). It has been my observance that many of the lawyers and judges have very disturbong cluster b personality disoreders , sociopatholy the most common.

    The system bulldozes along because of secrecy and public apathy.

    As long as lawyers and judges are "stakeholders" the destruction to families will continue.

    Political advocay has been an abysmal failure. Organizations such as Canadian Equal Parenting Council" have had no impact or political victories in nearly ten years of efforts.

    In my view this ystem needs to be dismantled. Change will only happen when people and families protest in the streets and protest in the courts. Under no circumstances will lawyers or the judicery hand over control or agree to meaningful reforms without protest.

    Support Karmaseekers efforts , in the meantime, and write to your MP and MPP and both Attorney Generals and vehimently express your outrage with the power of the pen

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  • staysingle
    Unfortunately there are many lazy and reckless Family court justices in this province/country. There is no "fixing" family courts in this country. Many top lawyers are speaking out that the system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. They all conclude that as long as there are lawyers and judges involved the system won't change.
    Read this link from Michael Cochrane, a top shelf family law lawyer in Toronto.
    The Flaw in Family Law | The Mark

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  • Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket, Ontario court steps out of bounds as a judge

    Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket, Ontario court steps out of bounds as a judge and obstructs justice

    From the Canada Court Watch site:

    (March 8, 2008) A lawyer has advised Court Watch that it would appear that Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket and Barrie, Ontario courts has violated his own court order in which he ordered a publication ban on the name of witnesses at a trial in which he was the presiding judge. Legal sources sympathetic to Court Watch have forwarded copies of the published materials which clearly have been published in violation to a written court Order.

    Information provided to Court Watch from legal circles would also appear to show that Justice Perkins may have himself been responsible for the violation of the court ordered publication ban and that the judge may be stepped outside of his jurisdiction as a judge by supplying information for publication which he clearly knew was not to be published. One of the firms which had published the banned information indicated that even though it was brought to the attention of Justice Perkins that there might be a mistake, that Justice Perkins indicated that it was his wish to have the banned content published. The actions of Justice Perkins further support the belief of many Canadians that many of our judges have become lawless as they see that they can do anything they want and get away with it because as many Canadians feel, the Judicial Council is failing to protect the public's interest and turning a blind eye to these lawless judges. By his actions to violate a written court Order, Justice Perkins is making a mockery of Justice in Canada and by his actions is harming the good reputation of those judges who are fair and just and bringing the administration of Justice into disrespute.
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