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  • Depp/Heard Case

    Is anyone following the Depp/Heard case and feel it won't end well either way? If Depp wins, it may deter abused women to come forward. If Heard wins, it shows abusers can get away with it.

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    if Depp wins it may help abused men come forward, if Amber wins, it will show that all a woman has to do is "play" the victim when they are just as guilty.


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      I love this case

      Personally, I think it was a toxic relationship. Depp obviously got his ass kicked by her physically and Amber just is not credible at all when she describes her events.

      It is difficult because physical abuse is pretty black and white. Emotional, financial abuse comes with shades of grey. Ie a man tries to control his wife's out of control spending, she may label that financial abuse.

      I think that both cases will be dismissed and the lawyers win.
      I think Amber will somewhat be more blacklisted.
      I think Depp will have a career resurgence from this.
      I think if Pirates 6 is made without him, it will flop out of spite, whereas Disney pays him in treasure and Captain Jack is back for Pirates 6, it will make $$$.
      I also think that this will highlight that men are not guilty until proven innocent under the #me2 movement.
      I think we will see a lot more recording happening in high conflict marriages and family law. As much as it is frowned upon the probative value in some cases (ie. Depp/Heard) really bolster the argument, ie. i hit you but i didn't punch you, go tell a judge a man was abused

      I relate because I got my ass kicked a lot, had to suture my shins up myself and wear pants for a week to hide it from getting kicked in heels (during her drunken tirade) but somehow I am being labelled the abuser.


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        This case is sad because itís two toxic people with their own issues having them played out in court. She sounds like a terrible gold digger looking for sympathy to expand her career. Depp has a lot of demons but none of his previous partners claim he abused them. Did he suddenly become a wife beater? Probably not.

        Plus sheís an actress so how much of her testimony is fake?


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          My ex was the abuser (physically, emotionally and financially). She would come after me for money while holding one of the kids and start screaming at me for not paying her bills making me terrified for my child. She would then send me emails "documenting" her behaviour and pretending it was me who acted aggressively. I remember at one point she got bruising from a cheek filler gone wrong and she emailed me while I was out of the country to "give me an update" on the status of how her "bruise" was doing from when I allegedly punched her in the face. Luckily for me when I got back she left her phone out and I took pictures of her text messages and email complaints to the nurse who did the injection in the event I needed evidence she was a liar.

          Women who are abused rightfully deserve protection but I rarely see women get punished when they get caught in their lies.


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            Originally posted by kate331 View Post
            Is anyone following the Depp/Heard case and feel it won't end well either way? If Depp wins, it may deter abused women to come forward. If Heard wins, it shows abusers can get away with it.

            Itís not men or women. The fact is the Ďabuserí is frequently the one screaming abuse at the victim and their false allegations are a continuation of that abuse. The system needs more punitive measures against abusers who falsely accuse the victim of abuse.


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              I am starting to think that there are a few board members very much like Amber Heard.
              "It is the internet, you can't believe anyone", I think that is the saying.

              Add-on: you allow a person that is all social justice warrior juiced up on their self-delusions in a position doing assessments, CAS or supervised access. Watch out!

              Happens less with guys but it certainly does happen with guys too.


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