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Problems in family court

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  • Problems in family court

    Originally posted by StillPaying View Post

    I guess I'm lost on the "choice" aspect. Do you stay longer and collect more proof for more money. I don't think it would be hard to continuously collect from an abuser. Family court should be about handling kids and splitting financials - no fault - not the tort side of paying me back for 1 cheating and 3 assaults.
    I always found that a spouse being allowed to be a lying, cheating, manipulative and thieving partner without consequence to be as odd as perjury being OK in court. Court isn't like it is on T.V. or a persons perception of justice.

    If someone damages my property I have 2 years to make a claim. Then for the most part when that time limit is up then the claim is void. Family Court wants to go back how far.

    From my experience Family Court isn't properly equipped to handle those that choose to manipulate it for claims and can be a dangerous place for a litigant making a verbal or written mistake. The innocent are more likely to be found guilty and penalized financially by the Family Court system. A CAS worker or other assessor with a chip on their shoulder or not good at doing their job well are failings. Guilty are just as likely not to be found out.

    Family Court needs a better set of conduct rules, a better base to build. They could start with all perjury, disclosure and requiring audio and video of all interviews, just like in a criminal case. Cop cams are the best thing to justice in a long time.

    If the case is extreme enough, sure allow the court some leeway but like most things it is a slippery slope. Where does Tort end.

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    Originally posted by pinkHouses View Post

    If the case is extreme enough, sure allow the court some leeway but like most things it is a slippery slope. Where does Tort end.
    Tort doesn't 'end'- it evolves.

    Et voila the evolution.


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      I don't understand. There is a threshold in court and that is what I meant by "where does tort end"

      Is calling your ex a do do head result in tort damages?
      Perhaps expressing disbelief that they can say or do something extremely stupid.

      Your ex is messing with your daughters skin care routine. Are you going to get admonished by a judge for saying your ex is behaving badly in that regard? Stupidly? What limits are there on expression and appearance of contro;?l


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