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Ontario cracking down on inappropriate use of police information

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  • Ontario cracking down on inappropriate use of police information

    Finally, some good news for those of us on here who have gone through being criminally charged as a result of FALSE DV or Child Abuse allegations during family law litigation.

    Even if you manage to successfully defend yourself, you have to answer "yes" on any job application when they ask if you have ever been charged with a criminal offense.

    I am currently in the process of requesting that my prints and mugshots be destroyed after having charges of "historical" DV withdrawn by the crown last year.

    Let's hope they actually pass the law!

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    I wonder how that impacts those of us who have their fingerprints in the system because we work with youth? I'm a volunteer sports coach, and since I have the same birthday as a criminal every two years I have to be fingerprinted to prove that I'm not the other guy. (the fingerprints are destroyed every two years unless I consent to leave them in the system)


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