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sunday evening or monday switch over

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  • sunday evening or monday switch over

    My daughter is 4.5 and we have been doing a 2/2/5/5 schedule. We are thinking of moving to a weeke on/ week off schedule. Is a sunday eve drop off (with a 15 min drive to the other parent's house) or a monday switch at daycare better?

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    Personally I prefer daycare switch, you can check in with the teachers, they get to know you and you hear how everything is going.


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      Monday switch.

      Sunday is part of the weekend.

      Many times I have arrived home late with the kids and to drop them off at their mom's at that time would not be reasonable.

      Also, when I don't have the kids, its nice to have a full weekend, which may mean being out late Sunday, or coming home Monday morning.


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        We do not use daycare yet (planning to introduce slowly next year) but have Monday morning exchange (I dropping off little one on my way to work) and it working great...

        I personally prefer this over Sunday evening (what we had too before).


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          Monday, there is less potential for conflict between parents. Leaving a full weekend both with your daughter and for you on your off week is huge!

          Good question!


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            I on the other hand do a Sunday evening (4:00pm) switch. I like it because I get to pack up the kids lunch/snacks, ensure homework is done (because stbx never looks in their school bag Friday-Saturday-Sunday).
            If either of us are visiting family on Sundays, both of our sides do big we can easily drop off by 4 (or we flex on the time if needed...).


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              We do 50/50...weekly rotation. After a few trial and errors we found that exhanges at the school or daycare work best.

              We've had exchanges on Sunday, Monday, and now Friday. We moved it around based on what we felt was best for our child as well as based on what he was asking for.

              Friday is by far what works best with us. Our son gets to spend 2 days at home with the parent he hasn't been with for a week. A great way to start the week

              We also have a mid-week overnight visit on Monday with the parent he's not with that week. This is moved to Tuesday if there is a long-weekend.


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                We do 50/50 and we switch at end of school day Friday. This seems to work well for us.


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                  We also do a 50/50 split and switch end of school day friday. Found that it makes the school week a lot easier.


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