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  • Happy Stories :D

    Let's take a minute to share happy/funny stories about our monkeys today.

    One day, many moons ago, we were all sitting on our couch and the kids noticed some dust swirling in a sunbeam. My oldest (who was 6 at the time and is now a manly 15 and knows EVERYTHING) looked at me and asked what it was. My middle guy (who was 4) looked at the oldest like he couldn't believe he asked such a silly question and said with quite the heavy sigh: "Duh, those are Sun Germs!"

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    I have a 5 year old daughter. Her mom is raising her somewhat Catholic (going to Catholic School) even though her mom is one of the furthest from religious lol. So I was walking with our daughter one day and I we were talking about where we live and where we are from and what we believe in and stuff. I told her that we live in Barrie, which is a city in Canada. I told her I that we are from Canada. She told me that she is from God. So that was fine. Then a couple weeks later we were talking again and she told me " Daddy, I believe in God. But you believe in Canada, isn't that funny" I almost peed myself laughing. It may have been a moment thing but it was priceless. I love my little girl, she has a great sense of humour.


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      My daughter (7) was trying to get something done and kept getting sidetracked. Finally she sighed "I keep walking in circles!" My son (4) piped up with "I walk in rectangles...sometimes I walk in squares."


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        Lmao!! Great stories!!


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          I think one of the most endearing I remember was during our toilette training of my youngest son. He was sitting on the schitter and I was trying to coax him by saying; "Come on, you can do it, squeeze it out" when, the older boy decided to lend a hand. He walked over, stood in front of him, grabbed him by the shoulders and started to squeeze his of the funniest things ever.


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            My little guy just turned 3 recently. Whenever I leave for work he runs from the front room to the living room so he can stand on tip toe, peek out the screen and yell BYE DADDY.

            He's also started doing "Bye Daddy Love you" when I'm leaving for work, and when I say "love you too buddy" he grins and me and says "Love you more" and then shrieks and runs away.

            Yes, my kid is a tease and a goofball.


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              The following makes me VERY happy, altough it is surrounded by unfortunate circumstance.

              Recently my child was interrogated by police on claims I have sexually assaulted him. The boy was interviewed with CAS next door watching the video tape as it was recorded.

              The CAS worker related to me what happened. I guess the women was very good to the child in her questioning of him - and although I'm not certain exactly how the questioning turned that this happened, there came a point when my son said (with a tone of voice and assertiveness that could not be ignored), "I Love my DAD, and he Loves ME".

              Thats what stopped the interview right there.
              That declaration by him.
              No further action was taken by police or CAS.

              I can just picture the boy, with that goofy grin on his face saying that in just 'his' way. Man, thats a happy thought, for me at least.

              I literally break out in teeth thinking of it - even though its such a sad state to begin with.
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                Great stories...a much needed chuckle on my end with some major anxiety for not seeing my boys for the 7th day now as they are on vacation with their dad and I'm spinning...

                A couple of weeks ago at breakfast with my 2 13 year old was 'crusty', and my 6 year old turned to him and said "ah...what's wrong...are you missing your mommy's mangoes ?"...(Night before he watched the kids cartoon movie Rango which is where he got it from...I thought he didn't notice).

       13 year old turns to me, gasps, and says "he can't say that mom"....and breaks out into hysterics. 6 year old really thinks it's the mangoes as in fruit in the 13 year old gets the adult humour and is freaked out by his little brothers comments now ! ha...


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                  One day on our way to Walmart, my older son asked if he could go to the video game store while his younger brother and I went to Walmart. He got out of the car and started to walk across the parking lot when his seven yr old brother says "Mom _____ can't go there on his own, he'll get kidnapped.. I mean teennapped" I cried laughing.


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