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Being right and doing the right thing

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  • Being right and doing the right thing

    Being right and doing the right thing are not the same thing as I found out last night.

    Not ready to go into details but am horribly saddened that I'm heading back into the quagmire of family court because my child and I have been burned by trying to do the right thing, but someone who only has a need to be "right" at any cost.

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    I've spent the last 11 months of separation doing the right thing and waiting for one ounce of it mattering. Instead it just creates an attitude of absolute entitlement by the other party. She thinks she is fully entitled to do this all to me. She has everything she wants already and is quite comfortable and thus has no reason to even want to negotiate, mediate or change anything.

    Even taking her to court hasn't fazed her yet. She still somehow thinks she is going to get everything she wants just because she wants it.

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I still hope someday that doing the right thing will outweigh the benefits of winning at someone else's expense (being right). In some ways it does. I am happy sometimes, and I can sleep at night knowing I am a good person who is doing the best I can despite what I am up against.


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      I know it is hard.
      I don't know exactly what you're referring to...

      Bur if you're talking about something that happened regarding children. Doing the 'right' thing is all you can do. Whether that builds a sense of entitlement in the other party, or any other fall-out, is irrelevent.

      Ultimately, you doing the 'right thing', is in fact 'being right' too.


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        Sorry to have to welcome you to the battling the narcissist club.


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