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Joint Physical Custody: Smart Solution or Problematic Plan?

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    BC. I might be wrong b/c I've been wrong before but I don't think SOS was referring to you!!


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      Originally posted by hadenough View Post
      BC. I might be wrong b/c I've been wrong before but I don't think SOS was referring to you!!

      Thanks hadenough, let's hope you aren't wrong on this one! Sorry SOS, please accept my apologies!


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        Somebody's ex's boyfriend is the douchebag. I've lost track whose if it wasn't yours. Too many degrees of douchebag separation here.


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          I see where working dad is going with this, in regard to his situation.With high conflict individuals it pays to look at things from every angle and every point.Nobody wants to go through what Stephan Watkins is going through just because a judge screwed up and failed to comprehend the big picture.

          Met a woman the other day who said she had been doing supervised visitation for 6yrs.If that's what it takes to make sure a child is safe then so be it.We made huge mistakes in getting involved with these people but no child should have to pay for it.The safety of the child should always be paramount.Of course this situation doesn't apply to those who haven't beaten their kids ,planned to abduct them or /and are truckloads of crazy.Family law should never be a one size fits all, package deal anyway.


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            Originally posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
            so you have had 4 different kids by three different mothers?? Hmm baldclub called his exs bf with 5 kids by 4 woman (i think) a douchbag. Wonder what that makes you then?? Seriously, dont use the excuse you have no money because of the two little ones, you knew your obligations.
            instead of asking if i am on crack maybe reread the post. Even when pointed out to you by hadenough you were wrong you have the nerve to say

            "Thanks hadenough, let's hope you aren't wrong on this one"

            instead of re-reading and saying sorry that you didnt read the post properly. Maybe you are the one on crack. Yes I am offended by the crack comment. I do not do drugs and when someone says something like that to me it pisses me off.


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