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Ex won't give her new address.

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    Just a quick update... Found the address online with a lot of searching. She finally responded to the email afterwards with the new address! Now waiting for a response from a registered letter... turns out that the reason that she wouldn't give the address is because her mom moved 2 towns away (with the kids overnight)... ARGH!!!

    thanks for the advise - hope something works out to make life easier for the kids soon.


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      Of if you want to know by today...

      Go to Service Ontario office in municipality where Grannie lives, do a land title search using her name, costs $8, find out all property under that name and the new house will pop up. Assuming Grannie owns her house.


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        A quick question about right of first refusal. Would a scenario where my ex goes out with the boys to play poker leaving my children at home with his live-in girlfriend fall under ROFR? Or if he takes an overtime shift on his weekend with them and leaves them home her?

        I'm not trying to cause sh!t, really his alternative would be his mother, and I think the live-in is a better care-giver for them, but I am does irk me a bit that they aren't with either of their parents.


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          You should start a new thread for this .....

          But - do you have a ROFR clause in your separation agreement? If you do, does it speak to any specifics as to when and how to apply it? If not, you are probably shit out of luck. ROFR is not an "automatic", just a common sense option.


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            Yeah, I thought about starting a new thread right after I posted....sorry to the OP, but this thread caught my eye as I had difficulty getting my exe's new address after he moved for the 3rd time in a year.

            We don't have a separation agreement in place yet (almost 2 years now!!), but I will consider that a clause should be put in. There is nothing common sense about decisions my ex makes with regards to the kids!

            Think I'll start a new thread, I have a couple other questions about possible clauses in our agreement...



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