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Her lawyer is all legal aid and needs clients

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  • Her lawyer is all legal aid and needs clients

    That's what I think. I spoke to him today. He wasn't happy when I told him that my W and I came to an agreement.

    So I phoned my W later and told her I responded with SHARED custody and will pay my CS as required. She said good. When he calls her she will say she agrees and we will go "detail" it out and sign it.

    But, he also told her, in shared parenting, if she happens to start making more money than I do, or if I become unemployed, she will have to pay ME child support, as well as that she has a shot at full custody. What a lawyer.

    So she doesn't like that. She doesn't look at the fact that I cared for our child for the last 10 months and she didn't pay a penny for him nor did I ask her to nor did I file for child support. (I will file for retroactive CS if we don't resolve this peacefully)

    So I know it is all about the money. Best interest of the child? She called me later and said she is not sure about shared custody. I can guess why and that is the only reason, it is who will have to pay (extra) $100-$200 per months.

    If she was unemployed or even earned equally I would still pay CS. I would pay even more than I should. Money for me is not the #1 priority. But some people would risk their child's future for a few bucks.

    Just makes me sad and angry at the same time.

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    That is horrible! I took full care of my daughter and rarely saw help from her dad, but I still agreed to 50/50 for her sake. Doing that I still have to pay him almost $100 a month, but I don't care. A good parent would be willing to pay their fair share (if it is possible). I hope she can see that soon.


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      That is what the right mother would do. Put her children first. I even offered her more than 50%. I commend what you did.

      The biggest problem with my W is she is controlled by her family who are penny pinchers and who also hate me. But if we go to court I think my chance for shared custody is good.

      But naturally, fear is huge.


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