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  • Adoption threat

    Hi.... ex and his wife have decided that she (his wife) will threaten me with adopting our daughter.

    My daughter is now just turned 6. I am her mother and I have sole custody. As in previous posts, these people have nothing better to do than want to wage war. I have ignored them continuously, so I guess they have found a new angle....trying to get under my skin. I know that they do not want her there, and they rarely take her on their actual visitation days, they have never attended any school plays, concerts, recitals, sporting I do not think that they are wanting to be good parents. This is purely to hurt me.

    In fact, for July and August, he is suppose to request up to 7 days in each month....he asked for 3 in total.

    And he is now "too busy" on Father's Day, so he doesn't want her next Sunday. (last year he was too busy as well).

    I guess I am asking If I am the sole custody parent, can my exs wife adopt my child? And what does that mean legally?

    She also has two children, to which their father has sole custody..not her, FACs and abuse are in her file, so she rarely sees them, she sees my daughter more than her own children, because of my exs access every second Sunday.

    So should I be worried and can she adopt my daughter?

    Thanks for your help...

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    Don't worry... Your ex's wife cannot adopt your daughter without your consent. Plus, as you are the custodial parent, there is no chance your ex would even be granted an opportunity to file adoption papers. They are just trying to scare you. Don't show them they've succeeded. Just ignore their empty threats. There is nothing they can do.


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      idle threats. Just look at them then next itme they say it and tell them to go ahead and try.


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        A stupid threat.Just give them a big smile and let them wonder what makes you so happy.
        You have the sole custody and you will have your daughter atleast till she turns 16 and wants to go to his dad.


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          My response would've have been to say "adopt this!" and show them my middle finger..... Tee hee hee. Actually, no, I wouldn't have said that, but it would have been funny either way.

          Yeah, they obviously can't do that. Relax, enjoy the summer and don't let them get to you.


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