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Mom not letting go

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  • Mom not letting go

    OK I am here again but this time with more serious concerns.

    A few weeks ago I met with my son's teacher and discussed his general progress. She said everything was fine according to her observation. I requested her if she could refer him to school counsellor so I could find out if he was hiding something deep inside. Since then he has attended two sessions with the school counsellor - last one was yesterday. Yesterday, he made some shocking revelations to the school counsellor. He told her that he was very mad at his mom, first for taking him away from the home by lying that she was taking him to the mall and second that she tried to brain wash him against me (dad). He also told her that his mom was hitting him very often whenever she was displeased. Then he said that mom was always crying before him for no apparent cause.

    Now today he went to see his mom for the evening access. When he returned, before we even finished greeting each other, he told me that mom was very angry why he told things like that to the counsellor. Then he said that mom was telling him or asking him if he remember when dad punched him down the stairs. My son said, he told mom that such thing had never happened. Then he said to me, "I thought I go there to see mom and have fun time with her. But each time she is telling me things or investigating me like I have done something bad". He added that she said why he was telling eveything to me (dad) and not to her.

    This is very alarming to me. I have not personally seen the school counsellor or even spoken to her on the phone. How did my wife got the confidential info so quickly out in less than a day? My purpose of sending him for counselling was purely to help him deal with the separation and upcoming divorce of his parents, and not to get any evidence against her. Then what is her problem? What should I do? Is the school counsellor obliged to report to CAS about the abuse that may or may not have happened in the past? Talking to her(mom) does not work as some of the common friends have tried and failed. My lawyer sent her a letter few weeks ago asking her to refrain from emotionally exploitng our son but that hasn't worked either.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if the school counsellor is obligated to, but at least, you should contact CAS for a case study / interview. You can ask the counsellor for a report that you will provide to CAS.


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