Hello all,

Back with some updates.

My new lawyer is superb. She knows how to stop the bully.
Last few months of visits were nightmare.

The child complained about her being hurt by father. But she is 2 years old and 8 month and cannot describe.

I still did not deny the visits.

Everything was documented.

My lawyer made an offer to settle. The other side insisted on every Saturday for 3 hours and rejected 6 hours of visit every second Saturday.

My lawyer said, each Saturday will not work and offered every Tuesday, for 3 hrs instead. Time starts from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM

The other side had to accept the offer and they did.

I was quite surprised.

After the first visit that took place this Tuesday, the child told me, daddy was not home and he went work. "

The father did not deny that he took the child to his friend's house, but did not say that he left the child and went to work instead of spending 3 hrs with child during his parenting time.

My lawyer sent an email to his kawyer. But it does not really matter.. He will continue taking the child every Tuesday to show the Judge he comes every Saturday but in fact does not spend those 3 hours with his own child.

We are having the Settlement conference end of year.

More importantly, Saturday's are back and he refuses to take the child to his home, saying he has no accomodation. He is not allowed to remove the child out of GTA as well.

But guys, whatever he does and the game he and his bully lawyer play is over.

Sadly, the one who suffers is child, who eventually will see that her father does all this to get me but does not spend time with her.

Why would he ask for visits if he dumps her at friend's house and goes to work?

But I am not surprised. At leadt, she will not complain that he hurts her.

He once threw umbrella and her bags on me during the visit. Scared the child. You have no idea how she cried. (