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Same old story plus some updates

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  • Same old story plus some updates

    Hi All,

    I hoped I did not have to be back to this forum, but here you go.
    I had a motion on June, the Judge did not show up and adjourned it for a month.

    I have submitted plenty of materials with affidavits to fight every claim of my ex who brought a motion against me.

    Report from 2 private investigators provided to support the claim that he lives just a 2 mins away from child, while claims, he is 80 KM away.

    1. He brought a motion against me asking:

    Inform him about child`s progress at daycare or he needs to be able to get thta info. (No one ever stopped him doing that. He never called to daycare nor asked me about the child. Never a single inquiry)
    3 hrs visitaion every Saturday.
    Unsupervised visitation.

    Here is what happened:

    He already missed 4 visitations. 3 of them, he did not even inform me whether he will be coming or not.
    No replies. Nothing.

    This time, I have said, let him be alone with child, without the neighbor being around. I will be monitoring the visitation from far distance, in case he does something to her. Pretty much, giving him all the freedom he can. He can go anywhere he wants to. I need to know about it, so I can be around. I am doing everything possible for him to see the child. He insists he wants to see the child and it`s me who does not let him to see the child. At least, that`s what he said in his motion, which I have provided enough prooves that shocked his lawyer (He was pretty mad).
    His lawyer said, why would the Mother submit many materials. But what did he expected me to do? Sit idle and await to beaten up? How else I could fight against false accusations without providing proof?

    Anyway, today, when it`s not his visitation time (he did not show up last week for 4 hrs visitaion), he asked for 2 hrs visitation only. It`s not his Saturday and I am already booked.

    I am worried that he again started doing the same thing, trying to manipulate and get the negative response from me, to show the judge, see, I asked to see the child, but she did not let me see her. Again, he missed his last 4 visitations and out of blue, messaged today at 9.25 PM.
    He once texted at 11:30 PM telling me, he is coming at 9 AM to see the child, but never showed up.

    Should I be worried that I was booked for a trip to Niagara FAlls with child n my weekend, when the father showed up to see the child on my time?

    Honestly speaking, the only person he hurts is his own child.

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    You tell him no you already have plans and he can see the child on his weekend on DATE.

    People say a lot of shit in their court documents and the onus is on them to prove it, not you. A judge will see through it.

    Stop letting him hold you hostage.


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      Thanks for your advice.
      I said no and asked to come during his scheduled time, which is a 6 hrs of visitation.

      Also, I am pretty sure he does not want 6 hrs. What if he comes back a day before and tell me, he wants wants visitation from 10 to 12 PM instead of from 12 to 6. What should I do?

      I don't understand his logic. He asks for a minimum 3 hrs in his motion of visitation but demands each time either an hour or 2. Never more.


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