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    This may be jumping the gun but my daughter was talking about starting grade 5 bc she may have to change schools. She was quoting her witch of a grandma…yes an OG alienator before fathers had rights

    Background, in the last 4 years my kids have had to deal with separation, moving 6 times, their beloved uncle dying of cancer, Covid, frustration access, the only constant has been their school.

    I have kids Friday to Monday morning.
    When I bought my house in 2019, I chose to stay in school zone

    As did she in 2019, but had moved 4 times in 3 years and now lives 30 minutes away from their school and has a lot of driving. She rents, but chose to live there bc her bf is 5 minutes away.

    Previously she had said she didn’t want to move schools, but gas prices

    My thoughts are
    1) clarify again with daughter
    2) call their mom to clarify
    3) joint decision making so she shouldn’t be able to just change it
    4) the fact that she had to drive 30 minutes both ways is silly and honestly she could move into a rental in their district
    5) disrupting their school would be a major change and no compelling reason

    Again I think this is grandma being grandiose and thinking she calls the shots, but I doubt a court would favour a change for such a small this schedule will not be permanent

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    Might be baiting you too. Could you call the school she thinks shes going to and ask?

    Youre right, she chose to move which is on her.


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      I don’t think she will just planning ahead

      A unilateral move like this would not bode well
      And the lawyer would have to write the school board to reverse it since she does not have authority to do so

      It would be a bad move on her part

      If she makes the request, then it’s court


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        Ask her then. Your daughter is ten yes? So shes old enough to not mix up the message too badly.

        Sounds like grandma is a shit disturber.


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          if that woman were to open her mouth in court she would be discredit sooo fast

          in june 2020, my daughter going to her house on my access time was specifically forbidden in the endorsement

          however, she would always go to grandmas so mom could go on dates

          she would bring my daughter back to the moms for a simulated pick up attempt and then take her right back

          any grandparent of sound mind would see a judge's warning to their child of "if you don't smarten up, dad will have exclusive access" and help their child with the problem, not enable the behavior and then teach the daughter to lie
          it just demonstrates how this is a generational thing

          i mean some nights, mom, grandma nad my daughter all co slept, its really messed


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