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Spouse demanding moving out of Canada as a term for separation

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  • Spouse demanding moving out of Canada as a term for separation

    My twin kids are 9 yr old and my wife is demanding that she be allowed to return to our home country with kids for getting a 'cordial' divorce
    Ofcourse I do not agree, atleast till the kids turn teenagers and can decide their choice between Canada and a 3rd world country where hiring domestic help is easy, for her.

    Both of us earn well here but I do not want to spend money and time running behind attorneys unless there is favorable solution for both
    Any suggestions on what to do in this case?
    Or just keep bearing our differences till the kids grow up

    Note that all of us including the kids are Canadian citizens

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    She can leave but the kids stay. Its called habitual residence.

    You should talk to a lawyer.


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      That is the first step to a parental child abduction. The "threat" of moving.

      Hire a lawyer NOW and start a motion to have the passports taken from both parents now.


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        Listen to Tayken. Be sly about it. If you have something in writing from them that is great but don't tip your hand.

        Is this something that is typically done ex-parte?

        After that your ex may become extremely difficult, have a plan in place and get the divorce over with quick because your ex is clearly has no problem lying to you. Demand 50/50 with the kids and your life will be easier with the ex.
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