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Cell Phone for 9 yr old

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  • Cell Phone for 9 yr old

    Hi all,

    More drama on the front lines.

    I want to get my S9 a cell phone for Christmas. My ex is not happy, and is bringing up issues like excessive use, inappropriate sites, isolation and anti-social behaviour.

    I replied that together we can come up with boundaries and reward good behaviour and restrict when things begin to slide.

    No use, she is dead-set against the phone and is threatening to let her lawyer handle the issue.

    Empty threat? Can the lawyer actually do anything?


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    Hes nine. Why does he need a cell phone? This is a terrible idea.


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      He is one of the last kids in his class to get a phone. He can text with his friends and arrange get-togethers.

      Plus it would help solve the persistent issue of my ex's phone mysteriously being on silent whenever I call.


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        She can put his phone on silent too.


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          Originally posted by DHTO View Post
          He is one of the last kids in his class to get a phone.
          All of the other kids' parents are showing poor judgement and you want to follow suit? To me, this seems like a good parenting opportunity. "The other kids have phones but we do not need to be like the other kids, we will get a phone when its necessary for you to have one."


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            Parents get to choose what age they want their kids getting into tech. (but for the record- I think 9 is way WAY too my kid is only 5...but don't parents arrange meetups with friends, etc at that age??)....

            But if you guys share custody and share parenting time- this seems like something where you both need to be on the same page.

            Have you considered a mediator or co-parent counsellor?


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              Too young.
              There is a WHO study also that says it is too young.

              If he has an iPad or tablet you can contact him over an IM application like Facebook messenger or Facetime. Text, games, video calls...way better than a cell phone BUT he has to use it at home.