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  • Dilemma

    Background: we are still waiting for OCL final disclosure. Temporary Order with 3 hours community visit for every order weekends. My ex and I live 2 hours a part

    My ex offers I can have my kid over the weekend if I do pick up and drop off. I would live to spend the weekend with my kid, but on the other hand I am worry my ex will demand I do pick up and drop off from now on. What should I do? I don’t want to disappoint my kid because I refuse pick up and drop off.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You pick up the kid.

    What does the temporary order say about driving? Presumably after this exception you will go back to your order.

    Also, if you want more custody, you need to move closer to the ex. I'm sure you have some excuse, but I almost guarantee it sucks.


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      Thanks Janus. The temporary order didn’t mention about pickup and drop off. I pick up my kids and spent 3 hours at the park and then drop off at my ex.

      Old court order mentioned I pick my kid Friday at ex’s place and she pick up Sunday at my place. I have no problem with pick up, just not sure about drop off. My ex is doing me a favor to let me have my kid for the weekend, so she wants me to drop off as well. I am not sure if it will affect judge decision if I start doing both.
      She moved 3 times since we separated, farther and farther each time. They moved to Burford. She never info me in advance, always let my kid tell me few weeks before move. Our old order did not include moving restrictions. Since we are waiting for OCL final disclosure, should I file a new change of motion if I want to add moving restrictions.


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        Wait for the OCL.
        Pick up and drop off your child but also let her know you would prefer she do the pick up from you so you could spend more time with them and it would seem fair if she did. Also tell her you appreciate the time you spend with your child.
        Where do you live?


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          Hi dealingWithEvil,
          I live in Markham. I did pick up and drop off my kid last weekend. When I dropped off, I did tell my ex that I really appreciate for overnight weekend.

          There is a new mobility rules started March 1, I would like to know if this rules apply even our court order didn’t mention about moving. She never gave notice to me for the last 3 times she moved. Thanks.


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