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Activities with kids during Covid

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  • Activities with kids during Covid

    Wondering what everyone is doing with their kids at this time. We are going for daily dog walks, bike rides and are all Netflixed out. What is everyone else doing with the kids to pass the time?

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    Stepmom and I have a schedule of outdoor activities, indoor games, screen time, reading, chores etc. Plus home school and online work.
    Our big project is clearing 1/4 acre on our rural lot and making a fenced in dog park where the neighbourhood dog friends can socially distance.
    Lots of healthy enforced labour for my three teens.


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      My nephew has kids messenger installed on his tablet and he will video chat with all of us during the day. Its funny for us and he gets a lot of love from different cities.

      I also have a few friends using different ways of teaching like doing fractions with baking or going on walks to find things for science.

      I canít imagine how tough it is explaining this to kids. Listening to my husband complain he is bored just about tests my last nerve!!


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        chucking snacks at her in-between her ipad sessions.

        but actually crafts 24-7. I'm working more than ever. 12-13hr days. online at home. I wouldn't be surviving if I wasn't quarantining with my parents.


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          Originally posted by iona6656 View Post
          chucking snacks at her in-between her ipad sessions.
          I joked with my one sibling that their kid was living their best lifeógetting up when they want, wearing what they want, demanding their choice for breakfast and lunch, binging paw patrol and falling asleep when they feel like it and having snacks thrown at them during the day.


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